Tribute to Jacko

Original instructions

Yes we are tired of news and gossip about Michael Jackson but there is one more thing to do before we let him rest in peace. Homage the late King of Pop through a cover or remix of one of his songs. Despite the controversy surrounding his private life, he has no doubt been a massive influence on several generations through his personal style of music, dance and aesthetics. You can choose whatever song you prefer, be it from his career as a slick solo artist or as part of the afro-bearing vitaminised Jackson Five. Songs are not exclusive: this means that several people can cover or remix the same song, no problem! A tip: try to put something special in the mix. Usually the best cover songs are those that bands make their own somehow. Here are a few examples (you can find them on Youtube or Spotify), but as always feel free to end up doing whatever the hell you want.

The Lost Fingers - Pump Up the Jam (Technotronic)
Tori Amos - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
The Doors - Alabama Song (Kurt Weill)
Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson)
Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics)
Cleopatra - I Want You Back (Jackson 5)


Sent by Coco Lens

Translated from spanish

¡Dejadme en paz! (Leave me alone)
Cassette-psychophony-ouija-board version.


Sent by Taera

Translated from spanish

My personal tribute to an outstanding character who covered the walls of my room for years, “Billie Jean” swing version by Taera and Guille Arrom. I hope you like it.

Listen to Taera y Guille Arrom - Billie Jean


Sent by Grande

Translated from spanish

Despite our trying, in the end we won't be able to cover Michael like we wanted...

But hey, since The society has my support, here's a “version” of Michael very close to the original that I found in Japan.


Sent by Eva

Translated from spanish

Here it is!

A ballad that has come out so cloying you'll need a shot of insulin when you are done listening to it.

Listen to Eva - You are not alone


Sent by DJ Sphinter

Listen to DJ Sphinter - Don't Stop Till You Get Enough


Sent by Pablo and Javi

Translated from spanish

From acacias with luv.

Day 1 we meet in formal attire to discuss the approach on the subject. Javier, after a long theorem justified with a strict formal logic, showed a base to the team, the base was kindly accepted by all members of the group. We kissed, and each took a copy to their house.

Day 2 was hard but we managed to melt it down. We linked our left and right finger rings respectively and we prepared to press some buttons. Despite having two of our four hands busy we obtained attractive results. Ring-finger fusion is always present in our productions, this could not be the first ocasion ofr it to fail.

Between the second and third day we had Alex Ferrero (Nothink) as a collaborator, who recorded the bass line where the track makes an inflection around 01:22

Day 3 led nowhere on a productive level, but not all work must be material, this time there was only luv.

Day 4 ended with a mix which would end up being the final.

Day 5, last in this diary, was a mediocre and dirty attempt of a modern mastering, Javier wore his white undershirt and Pablo lacked underwear. The only thing we achieved in this 5th meeting was writing this letter and attaching the file from the day before. Thus the track only being 02:30 long and not having the appearance of a finished song.

Affectionately and hoping to have second helpings Pablo and Javi, who still don't have an artistic name.

Listen to Pablo y Javi - Bilijin


Sent by Eye

Translated from spanish

Here's the .mp3 of my MJ remix. It looks like I created a little monster, but I find it pretty fun...

Listen to Eye - MJ Helium


Sent by Ana V. Francés

Translated from spanish

My collaboration, I hope I'm on time, as I almost always do it and never send it.


Sent by ivyfür, the polimonstre

Instrumentation: casiotone + mandolin + korg synth and voice.

Listen to Ivyfür, the polimonstre - Shine it


Sent by Pozo

Pozo is the music of Alex Potts. Pozo records melancholy blues-folk in his Madrid bedroom with the aid of a banjo and other devices.

Listen to Pozo - Man in the Mirror


Sent by Nilo

Translated from spanish

Version of Thriller by M. Jackson with bagpipe and drum. Prepared specially for MAPA festival 2008 in Pontos (Girona, Spain) by Noemi and Nilo. Played around the bonfire by Noemi Fidalgo (bagpipe), Nilo Gallego (toy drumkit) and all others present. 1/10/2008

Listen to Noemi y Nilo - Thriller


Sent by Eva Casanueva

Translated from spanish

I have a proposal for your new subject. I ran into your site by recommendation of a friend and voilá! Long live Michael! I hope you like it, that you laugh a little.

Teófila Manzanero Conocida En El Mundo Entero (Teófila Manzanero knwon around the world). Taken from the series of the same name.