The fall

Original instructions

This excercise has a new twist. First send an e-mail if you wish to participate before the time limit. After that you will recieve more instructions: each participant will send in a very short video (cellphone quality is OK, it does not have to look fantastic, and it should be about a couple of seconds long) of something falling. It's best to start the video before the beginning of the fall and end it after the crash or landing. When the excercise finishes, all the videos will be displayed together as a mesh, playing simultaneously at each one's pace.

As the videos load, you can begin playback on each so they play in a continuos random loop.

If you can't see them, you may need to install this.

Collective result!

Videos from left to right, up to down: Diego Barrero and Rocío Ballesteros, Grande, ene13, Nino, Christian Trippe, Tabo, Alexandrovitch, mra and Sef.


Sent by Rubén B

Translated from spanish

Chance has wanted me to make a very silly video where the fall is the protagonist without being seen.